From Kilowatt to Megawatt 

Telema products for industrial applications, after over 40 years of presence in the market, are today installed worldwide in thousands of sites. 

In these years Telema has dedicated resources, personnel and investments in R & D, achieving the leadership in power resistor technology and any new complex applications represents for us a challenge to demonstrate our capabilities to supply the right solution to the required application; 40 % of the employees are qualified engineers at disposal of the customers. 

Designed, engineered, manufactured and tested exclusively in our factories, the products are addressed to our customers that operate in most various markets of the energy (power generation and distribution), oil & gas, hoisting, marine, mining and the innovative applications of renewable energy. 

Nevertheless Telema cooperates as partner with important national and international Research Centers and laboratories (ENEA, CESI, CERN, LABO VOLTA) in the development of specific resistors for experimental applications that require deep knowledge of resistors designs. 

Customers always expect a continuous improvement from suppliers and enhanced product performances. 

Custom made design, flexibility and customer orientation are the milestones of our business philosophy.

The versatility in design process associated to the flexible and responsive manufacturing operations are the key points that give to Telema the great opportunity to adapt our standard resistor elements and technologies to the specific requirements of each new project. 

Telema can propose solutions from few Kilowatt to multi Megawatt, from the small motors control to the tests of big gas turbines or to the special applications for R & D departments and test facilities. 

Our power resistors are the expression of the Italian electromechanical industry, recognized as one of the leader in the world.

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