Technology, Innovation, Performance and Flexibility are the outcomes our customers want and expect us to deliver.

High reliability and quality are the goals we share with our customers.

Since its foundation TELEMA  has always dedicated all its resources, personnel, investment, research & development – to the technical improvement of its products of which the TELEMA group is the world largest specialist manufacturer : Power Electric Resistors for railways and industrial applications.

TELEMA S.p.A. designs and produces since 1975 Stainless Steel Power Resistors, addressed to the most various application areas, in its factory in Piacenza. The company started its activity mainly in Italy and at the end of 90’s, to meet the needs of the market, the company  has extended its presence abroad, firstly in Europe (France, UK, Germany) and then worldwide (USA, Canada, China, India, Australia, Russia and South Africa) .Today the Telema Group is the world leader for the Power Electric Resistors with more than 1300 people, of which 135 in Telema  Italy,  and a revenue of more than 200 million Euros.This growth has been achieved thanks to the diversification of the product portfolio that in recent years it has been expanded with the offer of contactors, disconnectors  and protection relays for the railway market, in addition to the cooling fans for our applications in forced ventilation; the cooling fans.

TELEMA is in the list of the “best suppliers” for the most important worldwide builder of railway vehicle, from trams to metros, from high-speed trains to high-speed trains.

Our main strengths are:

  • Focus on Innovation
  • Flexibility and creativity to achieve the best solution for customers, from small to large global player
  • Entrepreneurial approach with the consequent passion and determination that has always driven us to invest for growth
  • Control of all internal processes with metrics and performance analysis

Our claim is HANDLING THE CURRENT because, thanks to our wide range of products and solutions, we are able to assess and manage all the aspects related to the current.

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