Within our product range we have many solutions to handle the current:
We define its value with our full range of inverter braking and motor control resistors 
We use it to test the diesel generators through our load banks 
We prevent it becoming dangerous with our range of High & Low Resistance Grounding systems 
We use it to brake a train, metro, tram with our full range of braking resistors, natural or forced cooled 
We open and close it with our DC Contactors and Disconnectors 
We monitor and control it with our relays (Earth/Ground fault, Earth/ Ground Continuity, Isolation monitoring, capacitors protection) from our companies: I-Gard (Canada) , PG Life Link (USA) and Strike Technologies (South Africa), also from remote with our IoT solutions (Techmakers).
We eliminate it when it becomes dangerous with the arc flash relays of our company I-Gard (Canada) 
We help to clean it with our harmonic filter resistors 
We contribute to dissipate the megajoules generated by it with our cooling fans
We protect motors and transformers against current spikes with the surge suppressors of Strike Technologies (South Africa).

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