Telema reserves a significant portion of investments to the Research and Development and a great part of these investments is the highlight of the rehearsal room, where theories and models are rigorously evaluated and tested in real working conditions and operation. Our tests laboratory is equipped with devices capable of performing the heating tests on our resistances up to a power of 2.4mW, impulse tests 400kV, test on contactors up to 4kVdc with L / R adjustable, tests of materials in the oven up to 1200 ° C and tests on fans. The test system is able to record all the data and display them later for the further inspection and analysis.

We can, unique company in the resistor business, to perform in our lab tests of mechanical strength (Shock and Vibration) on products weighing up to 2,000 kg using two vibrating tables designed not only for the application of the common railway standards (IEC 61373: 2010) but to reach even higher levels of shock and vibration with maximum flexibility as to the type of test (random, sinusoidal, mixed, route simulation).
In fact, thanks to the sophisticated control system LDS Dactron Laser, our lab is open for mechanical strength testing  of equipments of other companies addressed to different application fields such as energy production and distribution, automotive and packaging.
We also provide design and manufacture of the test fixtures and engineering consultancy activities in the field of steel structures, carried out with the aid of 3D software and F.E.A. (Finite element analysis, static analysis, dynamic, advanced dynamic and fatigue behavior).

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