Tesio India Varanasi - A New Chapter in Railway Excellence

We are excited to announce the opening of Tesio India, a new headquarters located in the picturesque Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges. Tesio India represents a significant step in the commitment of Telema Group to provide advanced solutions in the Indian railway sector for large radiators and cooling units. This new headquarters is a Joint Venture between Tesio and the esteemed Agarwal family, operating under the name of Saaswad.

In the unique and rich history of Varanasi, Tesio India is committed to providing solutions of excellence, combining the consolidated experience of Tesio and the innovative vision of the Agarwal family.

As Telema Group, already present in India with the companies Telema Electricals, Telarc India and Fairfild India, we are committed to actively contribute to the continuous development of the Indian railway sector. The combined strength of Tesio and Telema Group will offer a unique synergy, positioning Tesio India as a benchmark in the industry, ready to drive innovation and excellence.

We are excited to share that, only a few months after its foundation, Tesio India has already achieved some remarkable successes, winning a tender of over 30 million euros for Siemens India for the supply of cooling units and air coolers for the new WAG10 locomotives and a major Indian Railways (CLW) tender for the supply of radiators for WAG9 locomotives. This achievement is an encouraging sign of confidence in our commitment to excellence and quality.

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