Milan, 12 settembre 2018 - The TELEMA Group, a world leader company already in the field of electric power resistors and now strongly involved in the disconnector market and fans for railway applications, will participate in the next edition of InnoTrans. (Hall 17, stand number 203).

InnoTrans, scheduled from 18 to 21 September 2018 in Berlin, is the most important international trade fair for the railway market, attended by both public and private operators with a high percentage of decision-makers.

As a leading company, Telema confirms its presence at this prestigious trade-show where some important innovations will be presented as the integrated resistance / inductance system in air forced ventilation for the Lyon metro, the new ultra-fast switch (HSCB -High speed Circuit Breaker) for subways and trams, the new series of contactors and disconnectors the new range of three-pole TJ contactors for alternate current and the motor block fan for Avelia trains.

Going into the details :

The Integrated resistance / inductance system in air forced ventilation for the Lyon Metro MP16 train, designed in October 2017 and delivered since May 2018 for a total of 60 units on 30 trains, this represents one of the flagships of Telema's attendance at InnnoTrans . The solution consists of a 0.3 KW axial fan, 0.8 μH inductance capable of supporting up to 920A and a 150kW braking resistor.
 The system gives the following advantages:
- Compactness:  a full-integrated solution
- Easy maintenance: the components are fully dismountable and all maintenance operations can be done directly under frame, allowing lower costs and greater ease of use.
TELEMA was the only one able to meet the customer space requirements, providing a compact and light integrated solution.

New high-speed circuit breaker (HSCB -High speed circuit breaker) for applications in continuous current that Telema Group will place on the market through its new subsidiary Telarc. This innovative switch, designed specifically for subways and trams and tested in compliance with the IEC60077 standard at 900Vdc and 1800Vdc, will be available both in stand-alone version and inside a special box fitting to any type of installation.

The new series of contactors (TL and TP) are interchangeable with the previous series but with increased performance and simplified maintenance, giving continuity while being an improvement and a new benchmark in terms of performance. Designed according to the strict railway regulations, they can be used both on rolling stock and in fixed installations.

The new serie of disconnectors (TS) offers installation flexibility and high current flows. Designed to help the job of the designers, they offer all the operating logic for opening and closing contacts and no external control is required.

TJ is a range of high-power and heavy-duty three-pole contactors suitable for alternate current switching applications, up to 600 Vac. Designed according to the railway standards, also this range of contactors will be distributed through subsidiary Telarc. TJ models can be used in traction, inside energy conversion equipment and in industrial applications in general.

The motor block fan, developed to be installed on the new Avelia high speed trains in USA, satisfies the "BUY AMERICA" requirements thanks to the delocalization through the US subsidiary Post Glover. The motor block fan stands out for:
- Compactness and innovative design: no other competitor has managed to provide comparable solutions
- High performance: air flow 4.85 m³ / s with static pressure 2270 Pa
- Low Noise: the sound power is about 8dB lower than conventional solutions

"InnoTrans is the best opportunity for presenting to the international audience also our range of fans, focused on a strategic market for the TELEMA group. This range has The characteristic of being taylor-made as all our products "said  Michele Fornari managing director of Telema holding.
"TELEMA is an international player with a strong local expertise that allows us to meet the localization requirements imposed by our customers. In fact, we are able to adapt our global experience to the needs and demands of local markets by ensuring compliance with regulations, local standards and, where required, the localization of production with an improvement in customer service and product competitiveness " concludes Michele Fornari
For discovering the Telema’s innovations at InnoTrans 2018 visit our booth 203 in hall 17.
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The Telema group was founded in 1975 and today consists of 27 companies. The TELEMA flagship product is electric power resistor, of which the group is the world leader.
 In the last 10 years, there has been a strong drive towards diversification, bringing Telema to develop other components for the railway market including axial and centrifugal fans - contactors, disconnectors and circuit breakers, inductances and transformers.

Great news TELEMA at InnoTrans 2018

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