Milan, 3 May 2018  - TELEMA,presents the new digital solution designed for the management of load resistors.
The TELEMA load banks, among the various possible applications, are used for the testing of standby generator sets; from today these tests can be carried out in a simple way thanks to the possibility to program and manage the load banks using the new DigiLoad control system.
The DigiLoad application, associated with the Rotilio controller installed inside the control panel of load resistors, allows the management of one or multiple units simultaneously using a RS-485 cable connection or wireless connection to any device like a personal computer , a tablet or a smart phone.
DigiLoad allows to pre set the resistor with the user definable duty cycles for the automated tests to which the genset should be subjected periodically and it is easy to use thanks to an user friendly interface.
Through the use of a TELEMA load banks and the DigiLoad application, the test of the generators can be scheduled with maximum flexibility and can always be carried out in the best conditions, being unlinked from the availability of the users that should be interested in the test.

DigiLoad checks moment by moment the electrical load to which the generator is to be submitted during the test in order to verify its efficiency. Furthermore DigiLoad constantly monitors the resistor thru many parameters and intervenes immediately in case of alarm or anomaly, thus ensuring that the test is always carried out in conditions of maximum safety and reliability.
The DigiLoad control system is able to measure and capture in real time the values of voltage, current, frequency, power; load cycles are programmable and constantly monitored during the tests. In automatic mode, DigiLoad keeps constant the level of power dissipated during the test, compensating both the change of ohmic value, which varies as a result of heating the resistances, and the fluctuations of the potential on the 400V line. All electrical parameters are saved in a CVS format file for the subsequent analysis and the issue of the final test report.
The periodic test  with load, and not with low or even no-load,  of standby generators should be an essential part of any preventive and predictive maintenance plan to ensure the start, the proper functioning, the reliability, and the efficiency of generators when they must intervene as a result of emergency situations that may occur in critical environments (Data Centers, Hospitals, Banks, Shopping Centers, Ports, production lines).
Nowadays many large users are fully aware and agree that the investment for the purchase of a load banks to be associated with the generators for carrying out the periodic tests is certainly justified by the savings on the maintenance costs of the generators and can represent the guarantee for avoiding dangerous situations and significant financial and image losses due to the non-operation of standby generators.

The Telema load resistors with the DigiLoad control system are the answer to the growing demand for a timely and effective monitoring and control system that is essential to ensure energy continuity both in the industrial sector and in strategic infrastructures sush as transport or hospitals.


  • DIGILOAD manages the ventilation, the dissipated power, the opening of the motorized louvers (if present) and the alarms.
  • Real-time voltage, current, frequency and power measurements.
  • Manual Mode: user can manually select the power that has to be dissipated in real time.
  • Program Mode: user can define a load profile, save it, edit a previously saved load cycle or delete it.
  • DIGILOAD monitors constantly the load cycle status and the difference between the expected power and the real value.
  • Data acquisition: DIGILOAD records and collects all the electrical values in CSV format.
  • Power optimisation: DIGILOAD auto-set mode for keeping the defined dissipated power at a constant level (±3%). This function permits to compensate both the ohmic value variation, due to the temperature increase, and the potential fluctuations on the 400V line.
  • Ballast: DIGILOAD automatically reacts by adding or subtracting resistive sections to maintain the programmed load value
  • ROTILIO ioXP manages the communication and the controls between the interface and the load bank.
  • WiFi ROUTER generates the local WiFi network.
  • RS-485 RELAYS BOARDS manage the resistive sections.
  • POWER METER collects all the electrical measurement.

Alarms management:

  • Lack of ventilation: pressure switch
  • Overtemperature (optional)
  • Wrong motor fan connection (optional)
  • Motorized louvers control (optional)
  • Louvers correct opening (optional)

Minimum system requirements:

  • Personal computer:
  • Ms Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • MacOS X 10.11
  • Ubuntu 16.10
  • RAM 8Gb suggested (minimum 4Gb)
  • Mobile:
  • Android Nougat
  • iOS 9.3.5
  • RAM 2Gb

Operative conditions:

  • Temperature: -20°C ÷ 60°C
  • Max. Relative Humidity: 80%

 DigiLoad the new digital control system for load banks

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