A new range of water cooled resistors for low and medium voltage applications, especially severe conditions in marine systems. Rheostatic braking of all types of low and medium voltage AC drives in:

• Winches and cranes

• Cable laying vessels

• Propulsion drives on ships or oil rigs

• Dummy loads and discharge resistors for MV electrical systems

• Liquid heating

Patented design that encapsulates and totally separates the resistor elements from the coolant.

• System voltage up to 12kV: Continuous operating voltage – EV2: 1.5kV, 4EV2: 6kV

• Advanced materials: Light weight, low volume, high (10kW/kg) power density 

• Modular construction: EV resistors can be combined to handle any power inputs from 10kW to 1MW or more.

• Extensively tested: Proven to meet all major shock and vibration standards for automotive/traction use.

• IP56 ingress protection: Suitable for automotive/traction/marine use.

• Low time constant  Full output temperature within 2 sec for heating applications. 


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