Telema resistors are mounted on vehicles running all over the world and are installed on the main High Speed Trains (HST) like the italian ETR500 family, the french TGV and new generation AGV, the spanish AVE S102, S103, HSP250 and german ICE 350, the TALGO-TAV and the first american ACELA.
The most part of these units are equipped with thermal image device (patented by Telema) to provide direct and instataneous measurement of the resistor element temperature in order to protect the unit from overtemperatures.
The simulations and the tests that we are able to perform allow us to achieve substantial improvements in weight, space, peak temperatures and cooling of our fan-cooled resistors, bringing real benefits to our customers, in terms of better performance at lower cost, with no compromise to reliability.

The main features of the resistors for High Speed Trains are:

  • Installations inside the vehicle or on the roof in case of traction distributed systems
  • Enclosures completing the roof profile
  • No air turbolence and interferences at the air inputs due to the high speeds
  • Low noise
  • High Power in small sizes
  • Easy maintenance

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