Medium Voltage load banks are mainly used for testing and maintenance of large generators, gas turbines and other power sources operating with voltages higher than 3.3 kV.
These three-phase units are true Medium Voltage load banks, operate directly connected to Medium Voltage generators and therefore do not require the installation of any large step-down transformer.
Modular configurations are available in forced ventilation with typical voltages from 3.3 to 33 kV, even multi-voltage. Generally having to dissipate powers ranging from a few megawatts to tens or hundreds of megawatts, the load banks are built for fixed installations in a cabinet or for mobile solutions in ISO containers.
The models of existing Medium Voltage load resistors can be customized and designed according to  the customer technical specifications for any voltage, power, frequency.
All the TELEMA load banks have the resistor banks that are individually withdrawable for an easy, reliable, and rapid on-site maintenance, essential for this type of installation. The internal control devices, the boards, the contactors, the fuses are housed in a dedicated compartment with an adequate IP protection rating; a safety temperature is guaranteed inside this compartment. Overtemperature protection devices are available on request.

• Voltage from 3,3kV to 33 kV
• Frequency 50 HZ or 60 HZ
• Resistive type
• Resistor elements in stainless steel
• Load steps resolution upon customer specification
• Designed for continuous full load operation
• Withdrawable resistor banks for easy maintenance
• Protection degree IP23 for resistor compartment and  IP54 for control compartment
• Vertical air discharge
• Vertical enclosure versions or ISO container
• Control system DigiLoad, local or remote
• Outdoor installation
• Ambient Temperature from – 25 °C or +45 °C
• ISO9001, other 3rd party inspection upon request

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