The  ZORC® is a unique, high frequency transient over voltage surge suppressor for the  protection of motors and transformers from steep wave-front, short rise-time, high  magnitude, spikes, surges, other transient voltages and circuit switching.
Frequently it is believed that overvoltages are only those related to atmospheric impulses and customers do not evaluate the installation of surge suppressor; in reality many faults and damage are caused by other overvoltages such as switching overvoltage, transient recovery voltages, iron-resonance overvoltages.
For these reasons the installations of  the surge suppressor is strongly recommended to avoid unforeseen and costly  damages to the equipments.

LV ZORC™ - Low Voltage ZORC™

  • 400V, 3ø, Panel / Motor Mount
  • 550V, 3ø, Panel / Motor Mount
  • 660V, 3ø, Panel / Motor Mount
  • 1100V, 3ø, Panel / Motor Mount



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