SMC disconnectors

The SMC series of Telema disconnectors are based on a specific modern technology of distributed micro contact array assisted by linear actuator and related electronic  control. This design concept lead to a dramatic reduction of internal parts quantity , increasing the reliability and the lifetime. The product range within this family can be easily expanded with regard to the number of poles and the terminal arrangement, in order to meet various customers requirements for HV compartment design for each specific project.

The low voltage connector, when requested, can be installed on the top or rear side of the device, following the customer layout needs.
Further important features are already available, when requested , in term of diagnostic data and communication interfaces: in other words the first generation of “smart-disconnector”

SGS / SGH disconnectors

The SGS disconnectors are traditional devices designed for typical traction currents. They are designed to be a 2 poles disconnector  series or parallel connectable. Further opportunity is the installation in a mirrored version were 4 poles disconnector became a changeover configuration (SGH).
In every solution the pneumatic, original version is available, while an electrical motorised solution represent the natural evolution of this device.
SGS as well as SGH disconnector can be suitable for both AC and DC applications.

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