The protection functions provided are primarily designed for the protection of capacitor banks but can encompass the protection of reactors and resistors when included in the capacitor bank protection scheme

The RLC 500 is programmed via the menu driven display on the HMI at the relay, or using the RLC 500 Management Software via the HMI front USB connection or remotely via an integral expansion module.

 The Relay cassette can be extracted from the casing while the expansion module is plugged into the rear of the relay case.

Expansion module types: 

  • RS485 Comms, type No CR EXP - RS (Basic module).
  • TCP/IP-RS485 type No: CR EXP –
  • TIEC 61850-485 type No: CR EXP – C (RS485 on board).

Protection modes:
 Both the Normal & H-Bridge modes are in the RLC 500 and user selectable for the application.
 - N mode used for normal type capacitor bank schemes.
 - H mode used for H-Bridge capacitor configuration

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